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About the Artist: Mabeline Gidez

Her name is Mabeline Gidez and she's been creating distinctive, handcrafted jewelry for 18 years now. She has been teaching at local bead shops in Southern California for over 15 years now. From 2009-2011, she has taught at the popular Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee,WI delighting students from all over the world. Mabeline collaborated with LARK publishers to create her first book, I CAN: Right Angle Weave, which is available now from Amazon - Click here for more information!

Mabeline finds inspiration in nature, fashion, movies and diverse genres of music. Her art, reflecting both her interior and exterior worlds, speaks for itself.

Graduated from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a B.A. in Graphic Design, Mabeline has utilized her skills in design, color theory and computer illustration to create professional-looking, detail-oriented, fully illustrated beading instructions. It's her keen eye for design & color, her presentation of step-by-step diagrams, and her patience that make her such a highly sought out bead instructor!

In the past, she has made three guest appearances on the now syndicated TV show, the Carol Duvall Show! In her appearances, she showed how to make a beautiful enchanted jeweled wreath bracelet with beads and wire, how to make a sparkling daisy chain bracelet out of beads and thread, and  the popular wire weaving technique, herringbone, to create a very stylish pendant.

Some of her clients include the late Dewey Martin (from Buffalo Springfield) and Carol Duvall. She also provided custom silver earrings to two of ABC's popular shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.


In addition to making jewelry and teaching workshops nationwide, she does freelance work in web design and graphic arts.

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Mabeline Gidez photo (taken 2011)

Mabeline is proud to announce her first book by LARK publishers! This book has 25 new projects and is be fully illustrated by Mabeline herself! Projects are set to have an average of 15-19 illustrated diagrams each - more than what most books have per project!

You can purchase my book from Amazon.

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